5 Best Recording Studios in Denver

5 Best Recording Studios in Denver

The homegrown music scene is ripe in Denver. From Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats to Kayla Rae, local songwriters are enriching Denver’s culture. Helping this music come to life are the many Denver recording studios.

Local acts and global musicians have recorded tracks in the mile high city.

Today we’re sharing the 5 best recording studios in Denver.

Let’s dive in.

CCM Recording Studios

CCM Recording Studios is a staple in Denver. They offer two studio tracking rooms with a real time video feed between them.

Better still, CCM offers a piece of California recording history that adds extra vibes with each track. The console is called a Trident 80B. Here’s what CCM says about it:

Our vintage Trident 80B console was purchased from West Beach Recorders in Hollywood, California.  While at Westbeach our console was used to record artists such as Sublime, Blink 182, MXPX, Bad Religion, The Melvins, Pennywise, NOFX, Good Charlotte and countless others.


We think CCM is a top recording studio on Denver.

Address: 4214 East Colfax Ave Denver CO 80220

Side 3 Recording Studio

Side 3 is an eloquent studio with modern equipment. From the moment you enter, Side 3 shows off its technology.

Not only do they offer three in-house studios, they also specialize in live sound and video production. Quite simply, they do it all.

The client list at Side 3 is as impressive as their equipment. Here’s a few:

  • Kanye West
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Post Malone
  • T-Pain
  • Green Day

Address: 725 Mariposa Street, Denver, Colorado 80204

The Lab Recording Studio

The Lab Studios has been recording Denver musicians since 2014. Lab was founded by Andrew Macdonald (Mac D Beats) as a place where he could record in Denver and nurture the local scene.

Here’s what Macdonald says about the recording studio:

“One of my goals with The Lab is to always offer a professional service and atmosphere at the lowest cost possible! This side of the music industry is not the cheapest part but its one of the most important to become a competitive artist in today’s industry and I want to help artists achieve that level of professional sound without breaking the bank.”

A ten hour block, with an engineer, starts at $425. Not bad at all!

Address: 1600 S Cherokee St Denver CO 80223

Silo Sound Studio

Silo Sound is all about the vibe. They’ve worked hard to create an ideal environment for inspiration and quality sound capture. Silo is for an upcoming musician without a huge wallet to record at high end studios.

Don’t get us wrong, we think Silo Studios is a great choice. However, their equipment doesn’t compare with other surrounding studios.

The vibe makes up for it, though!

Address: 7700 E. Iliff Ave, Suite E Denver, CO 80231

Rocky Mountain Recorders

The fifth and final studio we’re featuring today is also our favorite. Rocky Mountain Recorders has been serving the local community since 1989. Their team is made up of experts in the sound engineering field.

The studio’s interior feel is also amazing.

Warm wood keeps the vibe high and the sound quality on point.

In-house they also operate Vrain Street Music, a licensing agency that helps place their clients music.

Denver Is A City Vibrant With Music

It’s no doubt that Denver has an awesome music scene. Venues, artists and studios create the perfect storm for cultural creativity.

Let us know which Denver recording studio is your favorite!

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