Party Bus in Denver: Your Guide to a Good Time

Party Bus in Denver: Your Guide to a Good Time

Denver knows how to have a good time and these party buses are a safe (and fun) way to do it! Whether you’re celebrating a big win or hosting an epic bachelors party, these party bus options in Denver are awesome.

Don’t settle for the cheapest bus on the block.

If you’r going to do it, do it right.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Party Bus?

A party bus is a form of limousine. It’s usually luxurious, includes a driver, and takes you to all the late night hot spots.

Unlike limos, you can easily stand in a party bus. In fact, you can dance in a party bus, too. Sometimes they’re referred to as a night club on wheels.

Not all party buses are created equally.

Some party buses, especially in Denver on football weekends, are less than luxurious. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still very comfy. These party buses may be the older models in the fleet.

Most ultra-luxurious party buses are reserved for corporate events and celebrity chauffeurs.

Below you’ll find our favorite party buses in Denver.

303 Party Bus

303 Party Bus is one of the most popular options in Denver. Founded in 2012, this homegrown company has been hosting mobile-parties for almost a decade.

They have a large fleet and cater to Denver’s music and sports scene.

Here’s how they describe their organic growth:

We’ve grown from our first large 42 passenger bus to a 20-24 passenger bus, a 25-28 passenger bus and our latest 30 passenger bus! We’re proud of what we’ve created and can’t wait to share it with other fun-loving groups around the Denver area.

– 303 Party Bus Facebook Page

Sunset Limo

Don’t let Sunset Limo’s name fool you, they do party buses too!

Their party bus fleet offers 13 unique vehicles. The largest of the group can carry up to 50 people. That’s a big party.

Sunset might not offer the lowest prices in Denver, but you’ll be getting a very luxurious ride.

The team at Sunset Limo has been in service for 30 years. They have a long history with providing the folks of Denver a fun night out.

On their website you can take 360 degree tours of their party buses.

High City Limo

High City Limo is a party bus for Everyman. The rates are reasonable ($125/hour) and the ride is in style. High City Limo has a laundry list of features included with their buses.

  • Dancing Pole
  • Tooth Sound System
  • Trippy Lights
  • Bottled Water

They specialize in weddings, proms, concert, casino trips, brewery tours and quinceaneras.

If You’re Going to Party, Get a Party Bus

Stay safe out there. Party buses are a great way to guarantee you’ll have a designated driver. Denver law enforcement doesn’t mess around when it comes to drunk driving.

More importantly, you shouldn’t either.

A party bus in Denver can be a fun and safe solution to a late night out!

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