Dog Walker in Denver: Your 2020 Guide

Dog Walker in Denver: Your 2020 Guide

Hiring a dog walker in Denver is more than a convenience; it is quite often a necessity. We love our furry friends’ companionship, yet we find ourselves struggling with the time it takes to give them the walks they need and crave. 

But with dog walking services becoming more common in cities like Denver, there’s no need to deny yourself the love and companionship that dogs give. 

You may be going on vacation. Your job could eat up long, mid-day hours. Or, you’ve lost the ability to meet your dog’s active needs.

We’ve got four dog walkers in Denver, leashes in hand, and ready to accept sloppy kisses of thanks and gratitude.

Let’s dive in!

Dawg Dad

Kevin and his English Bulldog, Bozzley, started Dawg Dad to give Denver dogs the walks and potty breaks they need when their person is not around. Offering fun, daily images, and report cards of your BFF, you’ll see what kind of care your pup is getting.  

Now that’s a Dawg Dad.

“Dawg Dad is, without a doubt, hands down, the best dog walking service out there (and I’m REALLY picky).” -Yelp review

Pricing: With three packages available, daily rates starting at $12, monthly rates starting at $220, multiple dog discounts, and pet sitting services, Dawg Dad is sure to have a plan that fits your dog’s needs.

Contact: 217-280-1043 or

Denver Dog Walkers

Having over 15 years of experience in professional pet care services, Denver Dog Walkers offers your dog the best of care, and you, the best of communication and security.

Your dog will visit his favorite spots during his walk, keeping his tail wagging and tongue drooling. You will get a detailed report on everything your friend did during that walk. It will be as though you were right there by his side.

George, one satisfied customer, states, “Dilly Dally is so happy to see Jeff if we run into him around the building. She goes nuts when she sees him, and it was then that I knew I had a great dog walking service!”

Pricing: Denver Dog Walkers offers a free initial consultation to get you started. Prices start at $18 for a quick relief walk and can range up to $25 for a longer walk, requiring at least two walks per week. Also offering in-home pet sitting service, your dog (or cat) will be cared for by some of the business’s best.

Contact: 720-563-1760 or

Denver Dog Joggers

Whether you are looking for someone to take your dog running, walking, or even swimming, Denver Dog Joggers have got your dog’s best interest at heart.  

Your furry friend will get everything they need from this dog walker in Denver with a focus on fitness. 

They have dog walking services, and they offer dog running services. It’s also a unique opportunity for your dog to pair up with a qualified dog, stand-up paddleboarder. If your BFF loves jumping into the water on a hot summer day, but you are stuck in the office, then this is the place for your pup.

“Denver Dog Joggers has been providing a dog walking service for my 7 mo old border collie, Valentino, since he was 2 months old. They not only do a great service by truly exercising my pup, but they have also helped me out when I was in a pinch and needed them to step in when I worked late hours. They not only care about the dogs but also the clients and does everything he can to make sure you are satisfied. I highly recommend Denver Dog Joggers to anyone.” – Regina P

Pricing: Denver Dog Joggers starts with a trial session to get to know your dog’s abilities. From there, the pricing is based on the services desired. 

  • swim excursion – starts at $70 for two hours. 
  • running services – $31 to $42 and two and a half to six miles per session
  • fast paced services – $25 to $37 and one to four miles per session
  • leisurely walk – $19 to $31 and 15 to 60 minutes per session

Contact: Text 720-310-5052 or

Fido’s Day Out

At Fido’s Day Out, they believe pets are family. That is why every outing is combined with a photo text or email to live vicariously through your pet. 

Each team member is carefully vetted, giving you the knowledge and confidence that your pet is getting the best love and care possible. 

Each walk includes fresh ice water and treat of choice, and they do their best to maintain consistency with the dogwalker that is teamed up with your pet, allowing for bonding and creating a lasting friendship.

“Becky and her team have done an amazing job taking care of my pups. She is reliable and trustworthy and she loves my dogs like they are her own!” (Linda McConnell & adorbs Dolly & Charlie)  

Pricing: Offering quick breaks to 45 minute walks and park outings, their prices range from $12 to $30, and a discount for those who walk five days a week. Pet sitting and dog taxi services are also available.

Contact: 720-775-5319 or

Dog Walkers in Denver Found via Sloppy Kisses

With a variety of professional dog walkers in Denver, you can relax knowing that there are so many dog-lovers waiting to meet your best friend to take them on a walk, a run, or even a swim. 

Your dog is a part of your family, and she deserves the best dog walker in Denver. Who will your dog choose? Put your trust in the tail and let the sloppy kisses do the rest.

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