Pilates In Denver: 5 Beautiful Studios You’ll Love

Pilates In Denver: 5 Beautiful Studios You’ll Love

The Mile High City takes health and wellness seriously. That’s why we’re sharing the five best (and most beautiful) studios for pilates in Denver.

For the uninitiated, pilates is a type of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular endurance movements.

That means, its an intense workout that isn’t hard on your joints.

We’ll include the address for each of these pilates studios. Be sure to let us know if we missed your favorite!

Let’s dive in.

Pilates studio in Denver, CO

Firehaus Pilates

Firehaus Pilates offers a large 1600 sq. ft. studio with an open feel. They have modern equipment and lots of incoming sunlight.

The best part about Firehaus is their full schedule of classes. These classes target all stages of the pilates journey. From high intensity to specialized elderly, they are all-inclusive at Firehaus.

Monthly memberships are as low at $79/month.

A recent Google reviewer says, “This is my favorite place! The only regret is that I didn’t start here earlier. JoAnna has such a grace and patience about her that instantly makes you feel comfortable and confident. I hadn’t done a workout in over 3 years; incredibly stiff and intimidated to step foot in any sort of workout but Firehaus changed my entire perception of how to move my body.”

Address: 3451 W 38th Ave #101, Denver, CO 80211

Fluid Fusion

Meghan Campbell, the studio owner at Fluid Fusion, has been in the industry for over 20 years. She is a certified pilates instructor and holds a B.S. in Holistic Health and Wellness/Kinesiology from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Fluid Fusion offers a variety of training options. One unique service they provide is an online-only package for people who want to workout from home.

Their in-person class package offers ten lessons for $160. Not bad at only $16 per lesson.

Here’s what Jan O. has to say about the online classes, “Taking online Gyrokinesis from Meghan has been the best exercise I experience. Really happy for her expertise. I’m about 60 with a wonky back and I always feel so much better after classes”

Address: 1641 California Street Garden, Level Suite 100-B, Denver, CO 80202

Axis Pilates Denver

Axis offers a luxury-studio environment that caters to all levels of pilates workouts. They assist in injury rehab, athletic training, and weight loss.

Each instructor with Axis is certified and knowledgable about the nuances of pilates training. 

They won’t be the cheapest studio in town, but they will offer a high-end experience.

Here’s a recent customer testimonial, “Try an online class with Axis Pilates! Seamless and uninterrupted experience via Zoom”

Address: 1138 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

Denver Pilates Movement

The mission of Denver Pilates Movement seems to be one of inclusiveness. They go the extra mile in creating training for all types of people.

Here’s a list of classes they offer:

  • Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Classes
  • Private Pilates Classes
  • Group Pilates Classes
  • Classical Pilates
  • Prenatal Pilates
  • Postnatal Pilates
  • Ski/Sport Conditioning Pilates 
  • Gentle Pilates
  • Express Pilates

They offer an unlimited group training package for $269.

Address: 3644 Navajo St, Denver, CO 80211

Many pilates studios in Denver offer digital at-home lessons.

The Studio of Unique Fitness

The Studio of Unique Fitness has been doing pilates for almost 20 years! In addition to helping your body, they also nurture a culture of positivity.

They offer multiple pilates training styles, including reformer pilates, cardio pilates, barre’lates, and stretch.

A recent reviewer says, “The studio is an amazing place to create a new body, mind and spirit. Their focus is not just on having the perfect body but how to integrate the strength of the body with the power of the mind and spirit.”

Address: 7200 E Hampden Ave #105, Denver, CO 80224

Now You Know Where to Find Pilates in Denver

Take the next step and reach out to one of these studios to begin your pilates journey. If you have a favorite studio we missed, tell us in the comments section!

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