The Best Climbing Gyms in Denver

The Best Climbing Gyms in Denver

Everyone wants to reach new heights. Why not do so in the literal sense with Denver climbing gyms? 

Climbing gyms can get you the exercise you desire without exposing you to the elements.

Today we’re sharing the best that Denver has to offer.

Let’s dive in!

What Are Climbing Gyms?

Typically climbing gyms are indoor spaces with high ceilings to fit in climbing walls of various heights and difficulties. Most Denver climbing gyms offer both climbing walls and bouldering.

Climbing walls generally require climbing shoes, a harness, a rope, and a partner to help you belay (providing tension when coming down, so if you do fall, you don’t fall far). Bouldering is done on shorter walls with dense crash pads and no need for a harness, rope, or a partner.

Whatever style you choose, Denver climbing gyms offer up a vast variety of gyms that will make you feel welcome at these new heights.  This is, after all a community of climbers.

Denver Bouldering Club

With 35,000 square feet of bouldering space, Denver Bouldering Club offers both beginners and experts a space to climb and build community.

You do not need to be an expert here; you only need to be ready to learn and have fun. Offering competitions, classes, and youth clubs, there is something for every ability and desire.

And with prices averaging around $17 for a day pass, monthly memberships around $70 and even more discounted prices when you sign up for six month or year-long memberships, this Denver climbing gym is quite affordable.

“Our goal is to enhance the Denver climbing scene through motivation, community, and stewardship – in addition to incredible training opportunities.” You heard it from the President (of the gym) himself, Thomas Betterton.


  • Central: 2485 W. 2nd Ave., #18/20, Denver, CO 80223
  • North: 698 W. 84th Ave., Thornton, CO 80260
  • South: 4131 S Natches Ct., Englewood, CO 80110

Ubergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag

With a name like Ubergrippen, meaning the intense feeling when finding a jug or good hand hold after a difficult crux, how can you not reach new heights at this unique Denver climbing gym that also offers a variety of yoga and fitness classes?

At UG, their main goal is community. While it is fun to cheer on teammates during competitive sports, it’s much more entertaining bringing everyone together to participate in a sport where your only competition is yourself.

Built upon the ideal that community creates family, UG maintains that same spirit in all of their classes, clubs, groups, trainings, and throughout their entire facility.

Speaking of classes, their rates are quite affordable. Membership prices start at $85/month, with 3, 6, and 12 month membership plans also available. Daily prices average around $20 and rental fees are flexible depending on what you need. 

“At Übergrippen we have always avoided the “g” word in favor of referring to ourselves as an indoor “crag”.  We feel that to truly embrace the community aspects of climbing we had to extend your experience beyond just “sending” a route.”

Address: 8610 E. 21st Ave., Denver, CO 80238

The Spot Bouldering Gym

With 18 foot tall walls and 19,000 square feet of community space, workout equipment and the latest climber training tools, you’ll definitely reach new heights here.

Not only does the Spot offer climbing and training facilities, they are known for their events. So whether you are looking for a birthday party for your child or yourself, they’ve got you covered. Plus, when you’re done climbing, they even have a liquor license and Avery beer taps available for your tasting pleasure.

With gyms in Boulder and Denver, your membership here goes even further. Membership rates are good at both locations and start at $70/month, or an annual adult fee of $795, or you could choose a day pass for $25. 

Charlie H thinks you should go, “Absolutely amazing, wonderful friendly staff, great variety of climbs. Highly recommended for anyone who loves to boulder and loves a core workout.”

Address: 1235 Delaware Street, Denver, CO 80204

Reach New Heights with Denver Climbing Gyms

With these Denver climbing gyms focused on climbing, of course, but also community, reaching new heights becomes something as easy as reaching for your climbing shoes as you rush out the door to get to your new passion.

Climbing involves walls, but the community at these Denver climbing gyms will break down all barriers.  Happy climbing!

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