The Best Aerial Silks Studios in Denver

The Best Aerial Silks Studios in Denver

In a world that’s constantly changing, why not try something new in your fitness regime? Sometimes change is good, and keeping your body on its toes, or maybe I should say, off its toes, is exactly what’s needed. How about giving aerial silks a try? 

Don’t know where to start? No worries, practicing aerial silks in Denver is quite easy when the studios are right in your backyard.

What Is Aerial Silks?

But what exactly is aerial silks? Also known as aerial contortion, ribbons, or tissues, whatever you want to call it, it is a graceful (or will be once you’ve learned the tricks of the trade) series of movements and acrobatics while hanging from and using the varying types of fabrics.  

Probably most recognized from visiting the circus and being in awe of the beautiful people “flying” high above you, contorting their bodies into seemingly impossible movements, this growing sport is actually quite achievable.

To get started on your high-flying skills, we’ve got four of the best aerial silks studios in Denver listed for you right here in one place.

Aerial Cirque Over Denver

Offering both classes and shows, Aerial Cirque Over Denver is one of the oldest aerial studios in Denver and has the largest training facility in the Denver area. Catering to both youth and adult clientele, they offer aerial dance, aerial silks, dance trapeze, aerial hoop and much more. 

They also have a strong performance-based troupe available for hire to perform at weddings, corporate parties, festivals, and more for all your aerial silks needs in Denver.

No matter your skill level or desire, Aerial Cirque Over Denver has a variety of options for you to change it up, along with highly skilled, talented, and passionate instructors. They will get you flying in no time.

Olivia L. states, “I’ve never been good at normal sports, soccer, volleyball, swimming, etc. Then I started Aerial basics class. I immediately liked it. I look forward to my classes every week and I hope to take them for a long time. I’ve finally found my sport.”

Address: 4605 Quebec Street, Denver, CO 80216

Gravity Aerial Arts

Gravity Aerial Arts is not just an aerial silks studio, they are a community. “We believe that the transfer of knowledge is best done by creating a community environment to learn and teach in.”

Offering all levels of classes, each student also gets the opportunity to perform in their bi-annual student recitals, showcasing the skills learned and passions gained.

Each class is 90 minutes long, and with classes ranging from beginning to advanced, youth to adult, and a variety of aerial skills taught, you will definitely learn how to dance in the air. 

Working with the Denver circus community, Gravity Aerial Arts works hard to bring in new skills and perspectives to their classes and their students. The aerial artists here know how to perform for whatever is needed, so be sure to book a performance for your event today. Either that, or sign up for a class at one of the best aerial silks studios in Denver today.

Sherri S. has great things to say, “Gravity is great! The instructors are helpful, friendly, and encouraging. It’s a fabulous environment and everyone is super welcoming.”

Address: 5925 E. Evans Ave., #125, Denver, CO 80222

Denver Circus Collective

With a mission of building authentic community through movement and art, practicing aerial silks at Denver Circus Collective is just a small part of what is offered here.

Classes include handstands, advanced rope, silks choreography, and so much more.  The combined knowledge of the instructors will teach you a variety of skills while making you feel as though you are a vital part of this community…because you are.

Also hiring out performers that specialize in stilt walkers, aerial and flare bartending, acrobatics, belly dancers, and you name it, your party or event will be the talk of the town.

“I found Circus Collective when I moved to Colorado 2 years ago, and I fell in love immediately.” (KJ U, student) 

Address: 4459 Jason St. #3, Denver, CO 80211

AIR Aerial Fitness

Practicing aerial silks in Denver has never been easier than at AIR Aerial Fitness, where you will not only learn aerial silks, but you will also strengthen your core and tone your physique.

Foundation, Core, Flow, Air: four classes set up in order to get you started and keep you moving along the path to becoming well-versed at aerial silks in Denver and beyond. As a franchise studio, you can find locations throughout the U.S. 

AIR Aerial Fitness is geared towards all fitness levels and is recognized as the nation’s leading aerial fitness training method. It will give you the core strength and endurance you need to finally get those toes off the ground and wrapped in silks.

Leslie C had this to say about her first visit to AIR, “Went to AIR for the first time this week. Energetic instructors, great music and a killer workout! So different from anything I’ve ever done, I will definitely be back!”

Address: 4433 W. 29th Ave., Denver, CO 80212

Practicing Aerial Silks in Denver Has Never Been Easier

With aerial silks studios right in your backyard and a passion for starting something new in your fitness regime, it has never been easier to find a studio to start practicing aerial silks in Denver. 

You’ve always wanted to fly; now’s your time.

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